Costa del Sol landlords could face heavy fines

New holiday rental regulations give homeowners cause for concern

Landlords who lease property to tourists in the Costa del Sol have until May 11th, 2016 to register with the Andalucian government or face hefty fines.

According to a controversial decree issued in February authorities require a register of touristic residences along with the identification of all travelers who use such property. This means that previously private information must now be disclosed.

Owners must also satisfy detailed rules on furniture, ventilation and documentation such as acquiring an occupancy license and introducing a book of complaints and claims. A first aid kit must be present, too.

Failure to conform may result in penalties of up to €150,000.

Designed to counter terrorism, a second contentious law, the Citizen Security Law, or Gag Law, also forces landowners to ensure their properties comply with the legislation and is subject to the obligations of documentary record and information.

María Delgado is a lawyer at Marbella legal firm Zavala & Moscoso, which works closely with Oryx World Portfolio. She says, “The laws are already in force and the fines for non compliance are hefty. Providing accommodation without a license will be considered clandestine activity and a breach of the rules.”

Many believe the laws do not protect the consumer but the hotel industry, which fought to regulate the sector and thwart what it considers unfair competition.

The move has therefore been condemned by landlords, who are frustrated by the excessive bureaucracy involved in treating rented accommodation in the same way as hotels.

Delgado adds, “Every day, I have many queries from clients demanding clarification. From the introduction of the law at the start of February, there are only three months to register. Landlords are very concerned.”

Ray Hogan, managing director of Oryx World Portfolio adds, “The enforcement of this law is a positive long-term regulation in Marbella’s booming market as it protects both the consumer and the landlord.”

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