London Classic Car Show revs into town

Exhibition offers invaluable insight into this year’s best buys

Anyone with a passion for historic automobiles should head to The London Classic Car Show from February 18 to 21.

Held at London ExCeL, the exclusive event will showcase some of the world’s most iconic vehicles, attracting everyone from discerning collectors to former racing car drivers, with Oryx World Portfolio investors welcome to attend.

Last year, 40 classic cars including a Maserati 250F raced by Stirling Moss, and an iconic James Hunt Marlboro McLaren revved their engines and took to the grand avenue, a specially made highway that runs through the centre of the exhibition. This year, 10 cars from the world’s top six car-producing nations – 60 vehicles in total – will bring the grand avenue to life once again.

Look out for showstoppers including an Italian thoroughbred from Ferrari and a futuristic Citroen from France. And for those who love American muscle, there’s a brawny V8-powered Mustang.

A series of experts will also share their passion for cars in the Speakers’ Corner. On the 18th, Gordon Murray, mastermind of the multi-million-dollar road car, the McLaren F1, will reveal what went into the vehicle’s creation, from pioneering technology to groundbreaking design.

Luxury brands and vintage car auctioneers will also take to the stage. So too will specialist insurers who will analyse market trends, compare classic cars against other potential investments and help identify the best vehicles to buy in 2016.

Bringing together the finest classic car manufacturers, clubs and dealers, the festival is home to more than 200 stands featuring car products, services and memorabilia.

Last year’s event attracted the likes of former Top Gear presenter James May, new Top Gear presenter Chris Evans and a long line of Formula One stars. More big names are expected at this year’s show.


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