Sample Costa del Sol’s most authentic cuisine, says Oryx World Portfolio

Savour the flavour: top Marbella tapas restaurants uncovered

From paella to tortilla, gazpacho to sweet turrón, Spain is renowned for its full-bodied, delicious food. Enjoy some of the country’s finest dishes – and most authentic – at one of these top Marbella tapas restaurants. Dotted along Marbella’s famed Golden Mile and in easy reach of Estepona, 30 minutes along the coast, the restaurants are perfectly placed for Oryx World Portfolio investors.


El Estrecho

Tucked away in a narrow alley, this acclaimed tapas bar is a hidden gem bursting with atmosphere and brimming with locals. Founded in 1954, it serves quality meat, fish and seafood dishes from a massive menu that includes langoustines in hot chili, garlic and olive oil sauce, and homemade meatballs.


La Taberna del Pintxo

Nestled in the heart of Marbella on Avenida Miguel Cano 7 is La Taberna del Pintxo, one of the city’s most traditional Spanish eateries. Waiters circulate the restaurant with trays carrying hot pintxos, similar to tapas but served on bread and skewered with colour-coded cocktail sticks to indicate price. Cold dishes are served at the bar. Packed at night, the restaurant is ideal for families and groups of friends.


Arco Tapas Bar

With tables lining the cobbled street, Arco Tapas Bar is as charming as it is inviting. Wooden floors and traditional décor feature heavily inside, offering romantic couples a cosy night away from the crowds. Classic dishes include patatas bravas and Spanish meatballs.



Located in Marbella’s old town, Altamirano is a renowned seafood and tapas bar frequented by both locals and visitors. Diners choose their fish or shellfish from a tank and enjoy the freshly caught catch of the day with traditional tapas and a choice of beverages. Offering excellent service and a lively atmosphere, Altamirano provides a first-rate dining experience.


Marbella Patio Restaurant

As authentic as they come, Marbella Patio Restaurant is located in the centre of Marbella Old Town and offers both an a la carte menu and tasting menu for two. Ideal for groups of friends or romantic couples, the establishment serves excellent rice dishes, and fish baked in salt. Stuffed peppers, and meatballs are also recommended.